Zuleika Dobson : Or, An Oxford Love Story (Neversink) (Neversink Libra...

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Zoo Animals: Behaviour, Management, and Welfare

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ZX Spectrum Games Code Club: Twenty fun games to code and learn

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Zondervan's Compact Bible Dictionary (Classic Compact)

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A good book is the perfect choice at any time of day or night, whether it be a travel book to read whilst on your journey, or a book about dream interpretation to read before you go to sleep. Books offer a world of knowledge, especially to children, it has been shown that children who read a lot will do better later in life, and it gives them a lot of enjoyment along the way, whilst opening their minds and imagination to greater possibilities.

Pick up a book today, who knows what you may learn about, even if it's a sci-fi book that has nothing in particular to do with learning, it may peak your interest in another subject that you wish to know more about, such as the planets, stars and the solar system for example. That's the great thing about reading a book, you never know what else it might lead on to.

Something I'll be doing on this site is writing a book, not a book as such but, along the lines of one, only I'll be writing a paragraph or two on a daily basis, and I'll update the page when I finish each part, so you can read along and let me know what you think of my efforts. I haven't written before, so don't expect author level grammar, I just thought it would be something a bit different to add to the site.

My preference for reading is anything fact based or travel books, I never read sci-fi, mystery or fantasy but, having said that, and although I don't have a particular topic in mind for what I'm going to write about, I may just try something sci-fi or fantasy based. At least that way, with me not having read those genres before, I wont be able to write things that I haven't read before, so it'll all come from my own imagination.

I hope you find the site of use and do let me know if my own story writing is any good, or not, as the case may be :)